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One thing I’ve learned over the years operating as a woman in leadership is that even with one on one coaching, clients need long term support to overcome fear, walk in purpose, and sustain momentum. In a world where being a woman in leadership can mean that you face being effective but overlooked, battling with expectations of Gender roles, and the underrepresentation of women in higher level leadership positions, it’s time to break the glass ceiling and step confidently in purpose.

After pondering many solutions, I’ve realized the only way I can create a community of continued success for my clients is with a program that focuses strictly on overcoming fear, walking in purpose, and embracing one’s authentic self.

The vision for this is to create a fully comprehensive program for women in leadership who know they have more inside of them to produce, but they are having difficulty launching or taking more risks by offering both practical and spiritual strategies and solutions that will have them to fully embrace the call and confidently pursue and ascertain what has been ordained. It’s time to destroy the power of fear- fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of being hurt, fear of success, and even fear of the future.


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She's On Fire Academy

3 Month Group Coaching Program

Thanks for your interest in She’s on Fire Academy.

We officially launch November 2020! Woot! Woot!

I’m doing something crazy by locking in my founder member’s at a low rate before I officially launch it publicly at full price.

My #1 goal for this academy is to help you overcome fear, walk in purpose, and maintain momentum to see next level success.

I’ve locked and loaded this course with instant strategies to overcome fear and make your next steps to launching into your next level of leadership!

Here are just a few of the Benefits and Bonuses:

Founder’s Forever Fee:

You’ll be locked in at this rate as long as the academy exits!

Special Guest Female Speakers:

Women in Leadership and Business giving tips on how to launch forward and overcome fear.

Cultivation Community:

A continued learned environment for you to grow with and glean from inside of our exclusive community

Destiny Learning Lessons:

Hot seat opportunity for you to get destiny strategies for your next level of leadership. 

It's Time for Change!

I want to see my female’s leaders walking into any rooms with confidence and mentally ready to take on any task, project, or problem because they know are an asset and add value to that room. Furthermore, I want to see my female leader’s willing to launch into new endeavors, engage in next level implementations, and make new connections that will propel them to higher levels. 

She's On Fire Academy

Chavon Anette

Chavon is a smart, enthusiastic, and kind woman, and she married her husband, Corey, in 2012. They went on to start a business together called Purpose Unwrapped, LLC. Furthermore, Chavon's love and ability to teach the Word with accuracy and power carries over into her everyday job. She is a special education teacher in the public-school system, and she works within the secondary level of education. She earned her master’s degree in Special Education. 

Chavon is currently working on obtaining a Doctorate in Education in Christian Leadership from Liberty University. She is a certified Leadership and Life Coach. God has lead her to the area of leadership, and her passion is empowering and equipping Millennial Women in Leadership. 

She is a woman who loves God, and through worship, the Word, and prayer she builds her relationship with God continually. ​She has spoken at youth events, women's events, and church events. Chavon has published 4 books that are available on Amazon. These books are sure to empower, encourage, strengthen, and uplift every reader.